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  • Tejasvini Hospital
  • Tejasvini Hospital
  • Tejasvini Hospital


Date : 11/07/2020
Company Name : Tejasvini Hospital
Nature of Business : Services Only
Business Area : Mangalore
Contact Name : Tejasvini Hospital
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Location : "Tejasvini Hospital Kadri Temple Road, Mangalore - 575 002

Tejasvini Hospital & Shantharam Shetty Institute of Orthopaedics & Traumatology (SSIOT)

  • We provide 24-hour in – house coverage by general surgeons, and prompt availability of care in specialties such as orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology, internal medicine, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial, pediatric and critical care.
  • Referral resources for communities in nearby regions.
  • Provides leadership in the prevention, public education to surrounding communities.
  • Provides continuing education of the trauma team members.
  • Incorporates a comprehensive quality assessment program.
  • Operates an organized teaching and research effort to help direct new innovations in trauma care.
  • Program for substance abuse screening and patient intervention.
  • Meets minimum requirements for the annual volume of severely injured patients.
  • Follow ATLS PROTOCOL for the initial management of trauma.
  • Provide early appropriate care and early total care.
  • Have a dedicated team of doctor’s orthopedic surgeon, spine surgeon, neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency care dept, cardiothoracic vascular surgeon, general surgeon available 24 hrs a day.

As a corollary to modernization, life has become faster these days, traffic has become thicker and thereby increasing the incidence of trauma. The role of trauma centers to curtail the morbidity of trauma patients can be easily assumed. The establishment of Tejasvini Hospital and SSIOT (A level 1 Trauma Centre) is an audacious step in this regard.

Department of Trauma Surgery is one of the main pillars on which Tejasvini Hospital stands. Under the proficient guidance of Prof.Dr.M.Shantharam Shetty Chief of Trauma Center, the department orthopedic surgery in Tejasvini Has attained a reputable position in the society because of proficiency and continuous endeavor of the consultations for the best in every aspect and the commitment of the consultants and residents.


The Department of Trauma Surgery bridges the critical gap between the resuscitation to definitive management and beyond at Trauma Center. Keeping itself truthful to its cause it provides the continuity of care to seriously injured polytrauma patients while also providing specialized definitive cate to them. It runs in close cooperation with other clinical departments at Trauma center I.E. Emergency Departement, Neuro-Trauma, Orthopedic Trauma, and Trauma critical care providing holistic care to the multiply injured patients. The trauma surgery unit provides support to the specialty departments of neuro-trauma and orthopedic trauma as and when required.


Surgery wards are well – equipped with all the armamentarium that an ideal trauma surgery unit should have. All beds of the ward are equipped with centralized Oxygen and suction devices. Every bed can be isolated with the help of wall-mounted curtains during basic surgical procedures.


The general ICU is on the second floor. There are 16 beds in the ICU (including two isolation rooms). The ICU is supervised by anesthetists, but one senior resident is appointed from the orthopedic surgery department to look after the patients admitted in ICU.

Operation Theatre

We have laminar flow OT, equipped with all the modern amenities besides general surgical instruments such as LED lights, ultrasonic scalpel, high-end microscope, plasma sterilizer, all laparoscopic instruments, and state of the art surgical diathermy.

Follow- Up OPD

We run days of follow- up OPD.

Spectrum of Patient

The department of orthopedic, Tejasvini receives direct patients as well as patients being referred from all parts of the country. All kinds of trauma, (including abdominal, thoracic, thoracoabdominal, vascular, maxilla – facial, fracture), etc are dealt with equal expertise to the contentment of the patients, relatives, and the treating surgeons as well.

Education and Training

The trauma Surgery Unit is actively involved in trauma education and researches both in house and for other professionals working in trauma surgery through various seminars, symposia, and conferences. Every morning discussion about previous day admitted and operated cases critical analysis of surgery and a further line of treatment.

  • ABCDE of trauma (based on ATLS protocols): for in – house surgical resident doctors.
  • Daily clinical rounds.
  • Critical care rounds for Trauma surgery patients along with Internists and Anaesthesia consultants.
  • Daily seminars and case presentations.
  • Weekly Journal Clubs.
  • Weekly Departmental Radiology Conference with radio-diagnosis faculty.
  • Weekly Departmental Mortality and Morbidity Conference.

Future Training Programs Envisaged

Long Term training in trauma surgery

The Department of Trauma surgery envisages the establishment of an academic unit of trauma and surgical critical care which will initiate post PG Courses in Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical care.

Short term training programs

The trauma surgery department at the Trauma Center along with the other departments has already been involved in short term training programs for doctors.

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