For a better experience please change your browser to CHROME, FIREFOX, OPERA or Internet Explorer. is a dynamic idea of bringing the buyer and the seller together, and connecting them to make the life simply beautiful. Simplicity and Convenience being the buzzwords for modern life, a web portal leads you to a joyful life by helping you to Find Out the Best Zeals Around – through this digital platform. We provide reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers. goes beyond being a business listing portal and helps the owners to convert their business names into a popular business Brand by promoting its clients business via blogs, Facebook,  Instagram & other social media profiles as well. As a social responsibility, to create awareness about the Global warming we have implemented Go Green Policy by supporting the public to Go Digital. Our purpose is to simplify the day to day life of the general public in an Eco-friendly manner by assisting them to meet their daily needs in a convenient way. We believe in the future of digital technology, hence we support the campaign Digital India as a small contribution towards India’s transformation. The main features of FOBZA are (1) BUSINESS LISTINGS (2) CLASSIFIEDS & (3) FOBZA JOBS.


Dependency for any information on any individuals has been eradicated by the modern technology. In this digital era, time has come to upgrade your thought process and go digital. assists you to be independent to get in touch with the best service providers in your city. The delightful services offered by Fobza and its affiliated product or service providers give a refreshing and a magical touch to your daily needs which would help you to run your day to day life hassles free. Using the Business Listing & Classified feature, you can find out the best  deals around your locality. Our Exclusive Online Job Portal allows you to find and apply for your Dream Jobs in your city. The most advanced & user friendly technology used to build the website felicitates you in getting the notifications when the new jobs were published by the employers.


“You Can’t Sell Anything If You Can’t Tell Anything”
Yes! There are many businesses suffering in the market with lakhs and crores of investment. In spite of having the professional administration, the best qualified employees, top end machinery, dedicated customer service and the reasonable billing structure, they have failed in attracting the customers. The only reason behind this failure is lack of advertisement and the negative thoughts of the owners about it. They think that the advertisement is costly and is waste of money. But they forgot the fact that the Advertising is the only way through which any business can generate the sales and become successful in the competitive market. Advertising is the tool which has the ability to transform your business name into a popular business Brand. No individuals become your customer unless they come to know about your Brand and the product or services you sell under it. Only the advertising has the capacity to convert any individual as your customer.

The whole world is going Digital! Consumers and advertising sector is not an exception!!! Hence many of the companies which were about to shut down are now writing their success stories due to the positive results of the Digital Advertising. Tiny business places are now becoming the booming business centers. This is the power of digital advertising.

Being a Local Utility Search Engine & a Classifieds website provides you an exclusive digital platform to transform your “business name” into a successful “Brand”. By listing your business in you can find more business opportunities when people search on for their needs.

You can also find the Best Qualified Employees to run your business in a professional manner by publishing the job vacancy of your company on our Exclusive Online Job Portal

This digital platform will help the business peoples to list out or advertise their business on and gain more business opportunities when someone looks out for a specific product or service. Under this service anyone can list their business in website by submitting an online application form.

For the business people, works as a marketing partner who helps them to advertise their products and services, find new customers and increase the business profitability followed by popularity of your brand. Consumers are the core of advertising. Of course to make an impact, advertising must reach the right person with the right message. However Internet advertising has rather been focused on the addictive metrics of cookies, clicks and served impressions.

What is Fobza Business Listing?

It is a list of businesses registered with from all the sectors by its owners with their own interest. These businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software. Depending on the advertisement position & Fobza business listing policy they have been ranked on this website.

What is Fobza Classifieds?

Fobza Classifieds allows the user to sell his used accessories to the targeted customers. It comes with a bidding option which would help the seller to get the best price for his products.

What is Fobza Jobs?

Fobza Jobs is an Exclusive Online Job Portal with most advances & user friendly technology allows the Employers to publish the job vacancies & get the Best Qualified Candidates and for the Job Seekers to find their Dream Job. Registered Job Seekers can subscribe for the Job Alert feature to get notified when the new jobs get posted by the Employers. Similarly the Employers would be notified when a job application is received for the published jobs. Employer have an option to take action on the applications received (Approve / Reject / On Hold ) through the personal Dashboard available on the website helps to shortlist the candidates and send communication using the ready made Email templates.


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