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  • Colaco College of Management
  • Colaco College of Management


Date : 06/08/2020
Company Name : Colaco College of Management
Nature of Business : Services Only
Business Area : Mangalore
Contact Name : Colaco College of Management
Website Address : View Website
Location : "Kankanady By-pass Road, Mangalore 575 002"

It is an acknowledged global fact that India will attain a superpower status by 2020. The force which will enable India to superpower status will be rapid industrialization. Rapid industrialization will require an excellent managerial skills. In order to fulfill this acute felt need, COLECO COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT has started a 3-year comprehensive BACHELORS DEGREE IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (B.B.M.).

Colaco College of Management Studies emerged from the need for a premier B- School of a different genre in Mangalore. This is a College on the move in its relentless leap towards academic enrichment and overall development. The Course we choose to offer is the ones to create consummate professionals with broad-based knowledge required to withstand the change and excel in today’s fast-paced professional and business environment.

Colaco College of management

Colaco College of Management also induces in its student, the social skills, and other values required for them to pursue a successful career and to become good citizens. The faculty at Colaco College of Management is committed to creating managers with a difference. Managers who would create maximum profit and a satisfied workforce for the Industry. The students get a chance not only to learn from the faculty but also to discuss and debate the concepts. The Teaching Methodology includes the lecture method along with case studies, group discussions, syndicate sessions, role play, student presentations, management games, seminars, and workshops.


The College is recognized by the Government of Karnataka and is affiliated to Mangalore University.

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