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Date : 28/05/2019
Company Name : Azad & Co
Nature of Business : Sales Only
Business Area : Mangalore
Contact Name : Rahamathullah
Website Address : View Website
Location : Miqdad Tower Azizuddin Road, Bunder Mangalore PIN - 575001 Karnataka State, India

We are wholesale dealers of products such as Ultratech Cement, FRP sheets,Transperent fiber roofing sheets,HDPE rolls and many more of reputed companies like Phinolex and lotus . Manufactured in accordance to the IS: 10192/1982 standards, Our wide range of products are successfully catering to the diverse needs of government/semi-government organizations and private sector.

Advantages of Insulated rioofing sheets : 

Insulated Roof Sheets reduce intensity of sun rays disperse & allow pleasant, uniformly diffused light with considerable savings in electricity charges. Insulated Roof Sheet is also highly economical, cost-effective, easy-to-fit, and easily transportable due to lightweight. Insulated Roof Sheets have excellent resistance to weather, corrosion, temperature changes, chemicals and acidic fumes. Insulated Roof Sheets are ideally suitable for factory shades, warehouses, swimming pools, gardens, terrace, open-to-sky areas, parking areas of multi-storeyed buildings and shopping complexes. 

FRP Composite Products: 

We are dealers in FRP composite products which are highly durable & resistant to different weather conditions. Designed and developed as per the client’s requirement and specifications. 

These FRP composite products are made with compression molding process using glass fiber woven cloth embedded with modified resin. Glass fiber content will be up to 50%. A continuous fiber in woven form gives enormous strength to the product. Top layer of the cover & frames consist of quartz & corundum which adds to the wear resistance of surface.

HDPE Rolls : 

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Rolls 

It is a superior alternative to steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. Our roll products are available in standard lengths of 100 feet. Custom lengths over 100 feet can be special ordered.

Azad & Co Products:

Wholesale Dealers in : FRP, Transparent Fibre Roofing Sheets, Lotus PVC Sheets, Finolex PVC Sheet, HDPE Rolls etc. 

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